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Golden Mage Zelda + Golden Phantom

Hello guys! and Zelda fans! I am not an English speaker, my first lenguaje is spanish, but i do my best :). Sorry if i canĀ“t express myself well.. This is my firts texture hack i ever made, this hack is based on her White mage costume, is a combination of golden and green-olive colors, […]

Shovel Knight Vertex for Phantom

A vertex and texture edit on the Phantom which Zelda summons with her down special to look like Shovel Knight.

Zelda (Divine Goddess Special)

Here is Zelda in my own inspired theme of Din’s, Farore’s and Nayru outfits. Din’s representing the red/orange. Farore’s representing dark nature green/yellow green and Nayru representing Ocean Blue/lightblue. All been TexIdFix to Slot 9, 10 and 11. But can be TexIdFix to anyslot assuming you know how. Din’s slot 9 Farore’s slot 10 Nayru’s […]

Brunette Black Dress Zelda

Giving the princess a bit of a nicer hair colour in her dark dress colour alt