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Bayonetta Alt Costume White Jeanne

Jeanne: I’ll show you real strength!..  Blue or Red..What’s you favorite.?  Hi Guys! Now i bring to you this skin, is a recolor for the Costume 03, the uniform version of Jeanne, just to have another option to choose.  In the archive you’ll find: – Red jewelry version – Blue jewelry version – 4 player smash […]

Bayonetta Yellow Bruce Lee Suit Costume

Hi Guys!  I’m bringing to you this skin of bayonetta , i tried to recreate the yellow suit that use Bruce Lee in the movie “Game of Death”. Well, i can’t decide between Kill bill or Bruce lee xD, if you feel passion for making combos like me :9, this skin if for you :D.  Special […]

Golden Mage Zelda + Golden Phantom

Hello guys! and Zelda fans! I am not an English speaker, my first lenguaje is spanish, but i do my best :). Sorry if i can´t express myself well.. This is my firts texture hack i ever made, this hack is based on her White mage costume, is a combination of golden and green-olive colors, […]