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The PlueGyver Modpack (Ghost Edition)

Hello! My name is PlueGyver. I made a modpack that contains unnerfed, buffed, decloned, rebuffed, balanced content for your Smash experience if that’s what your looking for. However, due to everything isn’t Wi-Fi compatible, this modpack’s internet connectivity has been disabled.  For every character, they will contain revised skins and additional characters like Darth Vader, […]

Smash 4.5

This mod aims to increase the pace of the game, as well as give characters more diverse combos and options. Every character has been tweaked to allow them to do what they do best… even better! Essentially, every character has been buffed beyond vanilla Sm4sh’s standards, while still staying true to their character. This mod […]

Global Dash Dancing Mod

With this mod, it will allow you to dance like in super smash brother melee. change direction of your dash mixups aproach STYLEEE Comes with packed and unpacked

Brother in arms pack

IKE c00 sword recolor c01 spear c02 ax MARTH c04 sword recolor c01 spear c02 ax

Toon Link WR-WB/Dirty

Some Toon Link recolors, there are 4 versions, a white with black sleeves, a white with red sleeves, and the same stained.

Son Maku

A simple recolor skin using Goku’s colors on Little Mac.