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Smash 4.5

This mod aims to increase the pace of the game, as well as give characters more diverse combos and options. Every character has been tweaked to allow them to do what they do best… even better! Essentially, every character has been buffed beyond vanilla Sm4sh’s standards, while still staying true to their character. This mod […]

Love God Roy

Love God Roy V0.02 I just… I really wanted a not-red head roy. XD   if you have ANY questions OR concerns, please PLEASE let me know!  thank you. <3

NeoX Roy

This my first Sm4sh mod. The mod changes Roy’s 5th costume (c0.4)

Roy (Black Attire)

UPDATE: 6/1/16 – Now includes a second download file. I just realized my CSPs and RSPs were in bad condition. They are now professionally redone. Black Attire for Roy. This slot is TexIdFix to slot 9, but can work over any slot if you TexIdFix it. Comes with all cosmetics, CSP, RSP, BP and Stock […]