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The PlueGyver Modpack (Ghost Edition)

Hello! My name is PlueGyver. I made a modpack that contains unnerfed, buffed, decloned, rebuffed, balanced content for your Smash experience if that’s what your looking for. However, due to everything isn’t Wi-Fi compatible, this modpack’s internet connectivity has been disabled.  For every character, they will contain revised skins and additional characters like Darth Vader, […]

Mic Kaiser’s Modpack (Offline Edition)

Hello. I’m Mic and I’ve been working on my own modpack for two months. This was my first project and had a lot of time due to highschool being easy. Anyhow, here’s is what my modpack contains: Few buffs, most wavedash, and small effect changes to characters. Most music from different franchises has been included, […]

Super Smash Bros Unify (Official Beta Release)

Unify is a Smash Bros for Wii U mod designed to make all of the characters viable without going overboard. Perfect balance is not achievable but the goal is to have no matchups worse than 70-30, those being the most polarizing in the game. The first release includes the following: All characters except for R.O.B. […]