Toon Link (White Tunic Attire)

  • description Description

    Toon Link sporting his White Tunic.

    Has been TexIdFix to slot 11, but can be used over any slot if you TexIdFix it.

    Professionally done cosmetics. CSP, RSP, BP and Stock Icon all Included.

    Also comes with a png folder with all cosmetics in png format.

    Please don't upload on any other site.

    Thank you for downloading.


  • speaker_notes Installation

    c11 folder goes in this file directory in Sm4sh Explorer

    data/fighter/toonlink/model/body/(Place Here)

    All chr_XX folders go in this folder in Sm4sh Explorer

    data/ui/replace/append/chr/(Place Here)

    Remember this adds 1 extra outfit with Toon Link, so remember to edit the ui_character_db.bin to give Toon Link a extra color slot.

  • event_note Changelog
    • 6/2/2016 Didn't realize the Bps and Rsps where opposite. Just fixed it.