Tomato Cloud

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    Tomato Cloud: AKA Red Is Cool Cloud. V0.02

    I really wanted to make him look red because... well, his skins are pretty...lacking.  Pfft.


    This replaces his second costume.  ONLY ADVENT CHILDREN

    Please please PLEASE if you have any issues installing this mod, let me know!

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Install Info:  Place the model.nut into the c0X folder located in Cloud's fighter folder (I'm assuming you don't wanna replace certain skins.  Use Smash Explorer.  Place the other three files in their appropriate folders found in "ui -> append -> chr -> chrXX or stock90"  the files are numbered appropriately.  ONE IMPORTANT THING, THIS IS HIS ADVENT CHILDREN COSTUME, SO PLEASE ONLY REPLACE THOSE COSTUMES.  (ADVENT CHILDREN has the extra jacket part, while his original FF7 costume is just him in his tank top. :P )


    If you wanna put it in a different slot that is advent children, just use TexIDfix <3