The PlueGyver Modpack (Ghost Edition)

  • description Description

    Hello! My name is PlueGyver. I made a modpack that contains unnerfed, buffed, decloned, rebuffed, balanced content for your Smash experience if that's what your looking for. However, due to everything isn't Wi-Fi compatible, this modpack's internet connectivity has been disabled.  For every character, they will contain revised skins and additional characters like Darth Vader, Mr. Krabs, Blaziken, and Pyra. 98% of the characters movesets are revised to be buffed, nerfed, etc. Be aware that additional music has also been added in some stages and new sound effects are implemented too. I haven't figured out the top tier of this modpack due to everyone receiving newer movesets but if your willing to add a tier list for tournaments, your welcome to do so. The interface of the menu and CSS have also been customized to look more unique and stylish. New and old stages like Fourside and Battles of Undertale have been added for variety to choose of. I hope you Smash players enjoy this modpack and support it when this gets updated for little added content. Thank you and have a Smashing Day!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Simply drag all the content within the SDCaffine folder.