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    Hello! This is Super Smash Bros. Better, a rebalance project for Sm4sh in collaboration with hundreds of members of the character communities, dozens of character Discords and a handful of top level players. Here's a blurb from the project document:

    This project was designed to reduce the severity of poor matchup spreads for the less viable portion of the cast without allowing power creep at the top. Along the way, opportunities for increasing the fun factor presented themselves and were taken without compromising the feel of the characters or the game as a whole. Nerfs were distributed as lightly as possible while still attempting to address unnecessary or frustrating mechanics. As a result, the patch does not purport to achieve perfect balance--for that to happen, top tiers would need to get worse--but their matchups against previously low tier characters will have become dramatically less lopsided, and there are absolutely no bad characters in the game.

    Please follow this link to see the Google Doc with all the balance changes (and the unpacked version).



    Update: I've added a Discord channel! Be among the first to join here:

  • speaker_notes Installation

    To install, extract the contents of the zip to the root of your (correctly formatted) SD card.

    Unpacked version available here.

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