Spar- Smash 4 Fun Balance Patch

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    Spar - Smash 4 Modded Patch - Version a.0.65

    "That was fun!"   "He's so viable now!"   "Can we host tournaments for this?"   "I wish this was default."

    Spar is currently in development. New Testing Versions will be available for download randomly.

    Spar's goal is to make every character in Smash 4 competitively viable. We understand that true balance in a fighting game is nearly impossible, but we strive to get as close as we can!

    Spar features NO nerfs to any characters, unless it balances new additions to the character (ex: more BKB, smaller hitbox).


    The Download Link takes you to more information, the real Download Link is provided there.

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    Follow the directions on the provided link.

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