Pre-patch Diddy

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  • descriptionDescription

    He was broken once. He can be broken again.


    So, I've taken a bad character and an average character and made them good. But what about making a great character... completely unfair? Enter pre-patch Diddy. Whether you want to relish in your opponents pain, or simply relive the glory days, this is the mod for you.

    This mod is definitely not meant to be fair. Use at your own discretion. I am not responsible for any injuries you may receive while playing this character. You have been warned.


    I do not own any of the images used.

  • event_noteChangelog

    I'm sure a changelog isn't very necessary for this beast, but here's a basic one.

    • Down throw to up air is confirmed again
    • Up throw is much more versatile and combos easier
    • Up air is much stronger and a bit faster
    • Forward air deals more damage
    • Slightly less endlag on forward smash
    • Down tilt deals more damage and confirms into your kill moves sooner