Little Mac (Black Hoodie Attire)

  • descriptionDescription

    UPDATE: 6/1/16 - Now includes a second download file. I just realized my CSPs and RSPs were in bad condition. They are now professionally redone.

    Little Mac in a black hoodie and sweats.

    This slot is TexIdFix to slot 17, but you can put it over any slot if you TexIdFix it.

    Comes with all cosmetics. CSP, RSP, BP and Stock Icon.

    Also come with a Png folder with all cosmetic in PNG format.

    Please don't upload this to any other site.

    Thank you for downloading.

  • speaker_notesInstallation


    C16 folder goes in this file directory in Smash Explorer.

    Data/fighter/littlemac/model/body/(Place Here)

    All other chr_XX folders go in this file directory in Smash Explorer.

    Data/ui/replace/chr/(Place Here)

    Don't forget to add 1 to Little Mac color slot in theĀ ui_character_db.bin or it won't appear on the character select screen.

  • event_noteChangelog
    • Added new download folder with remastered CSP and Rsp for ingame.