John Cena Clips over Little Mac Clips

  • description Description

    Ever wanted John Cena to be a part of Smash?

    With this mod, if you go into the "Movies" section in Vault and select "Champion Of The Ring" or Little Mac's Classic Mode Ending Movie then you will get a clip with John Cena instead.

    Champion Of The Ring = John Cena - My Time Is Now (2014)

    Little Mac Classic Mode Ending = John Cena Classic Mode Ending (by ps3wii360master2)

  • event_note Changelog

    1. Download and Extract the file

    2. Make a folder on your SD Card if you haven't already named:

    0005000010114F00 (USA)

    00050000101450000 (EUR)

    0005000010110E00 (JPN)

    2. Make a folder inside it called "movie"

    3. Take the two items from inside the file you extracted and put them in the "movie" folder.

    4. Take your SD Card out of your computer and insert it into your Wii U

    5. Load up Kernel and SDCafiine and go into Smash Wii U

    6. Go into the "Movies" folder in Vault and select "Champion Of The Ring". If the 2014 Music Video for "John Cena - My Time Is Now" comes up instead of the reveal trailer for Little Mac, you did it correctly.

    Now enjoy your only piece of John Cena in Smash 4.