Jason Griffith Shadow the Hedgehog Voice Pack

  • descriptionDescription

    This is a quick mod I made after hearing Shadows voice included in the already made Shadow mod. It really bothered me, since I always liked Jason Griffith's Shadow voice. I've had this sitting around for quite some time, but never thought to upload it here. So, here it is!

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    -Drag the nus3bank from the .zip and place it in the data/fighter/sonic/sound folder.

    - To have the voice in a different costume, rename the nus3bank to snd_vc_Sonic_cXX (where XX is the color alt.)



    -If I want to have it over Sonics regular color, I change XX to 00. If I want it on his first alt, XX would be 01



  • event_noteChangelog

    -Initial Release (On this site of course)