De-Cloned Dr.Mario

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  • descriptionDescription

    This mod aims to make Doc less like Mario.  This version of Doc has greatly improved combos and recovery. While making this mod, I aimed to keep Doc balanced, although he still might be a little too good.

  • event_noteChangelog

    D-Tilt - Sends opponents above Doc instead of in front

    U-Tilt - Has more base knockback, doesn't combo into itself as much, but combos into aerials better

    Fair - Sped up significantly, knock back reduces. Works like sheik's

    Bair - The late hit is the sweetspot, similar to his nair

    Dair - First hit spikes, second hit is long lasting and sends horizontally

    Up-Air - Hitbox is bigger and lasts longer

    Down-Throw - Sends at a low angle, combos at very low percent

    Up-Throw - Has less knockback, it is Doc's new combo throw

    Neutral-B - Pills do 4, 5, and 6 damage, getting stronger over time. Knockback also increased

    Side-B - less end lag

    Down-B - First use in air goes MUCH higher, also has less end lag to reduce falling afterwards

    Up-B - Both hits send Horizontally, first his has less knockback than before, second hit has more.