Black/Yellow Diddy Kong

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  • description Description


    I made this simple Diddy skin. i'll be making more skin-hacks in the future, stay tuned.



    (CSS picture and stock icon coming soon)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    You need:

    • A Dumped copy of Sm4sh
    • a SD card
    • Sm4shExplorer

    You should know:

    • how to run Kernel and SDCafiine.


    The file should contain a single Model.nut file.

    1.In Sm4shExplorer go to Data>Fighter>Diddy>Model>Body should see the maps C00 to C07. each being a diffrent skin. (they appear in order, C00 being the original diddy and c07 being the last skin. Tip:

    3. drag the Model.nut file to the map of the skin you wish to replace. (if you open the map after replacing it model.nut should be green.)

    4. go to the upper left corner and click Project>Build The Mod.

    (If you know how to put the files onto your SD Card and know what to do after that. You can skip these next steps)

    5. on your sd card you should make a map with one of the following names, depending on the region you live in.

    • EU: 0005000010145000
    • US: 0005000010144F00

    6. In the map you just made you should create another map called "Patch".

    7. now go to the location where Sm4shExplorer exported the files. and place those files on your SD card in the map called Patch.

    8. put in your SD Card in your WiiU, Run Kernel and SDCafiine and boot up smash.


    If you did everything right. it should work.