Bayonetta Yellow Bruce Lee Suit Costume

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    Hi Guys! 

    I'm bringing to you this skin of bayonetta , i tried to recreate the yellow suit that use Bruce Lee in the movie "Game of Death". Well, i can't decide between Kill bill or Bruce lee xD, if you feel passion for making combos like me :9, this skin if for you :D. 

    Special thanks to SebTremblay for giving me the permission to use his uncensored bayonetta mod !.

    This skin only is  uncensorship in 4-player smash mode. 

    -TexIDFix: You can use it in the slot where you like.

    - 8 player smash support.

    - Csp's, and all of these stuff in the archive.

    - NTSC (US) Version

    -Unpackaged, You have to do it with Sm4shexplorer.

    Well that's it, i hope you like it. :)