Bayonetta Alt Costume White Jeanne

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    Jeanne: I'll show you real strength!.. 

    Blue or Red..What's you favorite.? 

    Hi Guys! Now i bring to you this skin, is a recolor for the Costume 03, the uniform version of Jeanne, just to have another option to choose. 

    In the archive you'll find: - Red jewelry version - Blue jewelry version - 4 player smash model. - 8 player smash model. - NTSC (US) Version -Unpackaged, You have to do it with Sm4shexplorer. - TexIDFIx:  The red jewel version is the number  09 The blue jewelry version is the number 10 - All Ui files are in the archive of the both costumes.

    Have Fun! Cheers :)