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    When I try to load up the DDD bookmark, it shows, “FSGetMountSource failed.” Any help?

    i just figured it out. i didnt have my sd card in the wii u thats why i got that error. see if that helps.


    Everything worked fine up until the title dump.

    After step 5) Type “titledumper /vol \Smash” (without the quotes) into this window. I got this.

    Title Dumper by Dimok
    titledumper [WiiU Path] [Local Path]
    WiiU Path supported: /vol (for complete dump), /vol/content, /vol/code, /vol/meta, /vol/aoc and /vol/save or any sub-directories of those)
    Local Path e.g.: D:/some game/path or ./some game/path

    Then went back to:

    C:\Sm4sh Mods\texture modding pack\titledumper>

    But i left that alone and moved on all the way to step 6) Tap on the DDD bookmark.

    After I did that this came on my screen “FSGetMountSource failed.”

    What did I do wrong?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)