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    I have no idea how that happened, but it also happened when I was playing. It’s one of two bugs in the game that I have no idea how to fix. I’ve only seen them show up when random is picked, and it can happen to the player as well. It’s problematic because the game will crash on the results screen if it happens.
    Anyway, I know I’ve been away for a long while. Unify 1.0 is about ready for release. I’ve got a lot of new changes, character overhauls and more that I’m really excited to get out there. I just need help getting a video together to showcase them and I’ll be good to release the true SSBUnify 1.0

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    The order of DLC characters isn’t changed on the Unify CSS unless I made some kind of mistake.

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    Well I haven’t really been around here in about two weeks. I’ve finished with all 55? of the characters, with everyone receiving some sort of changes except for R.O.B who I really think is one of the best balanced characters, even if he is annoying. I plan on releasing Unify Version 0.5 sometime this weekend. Still experimenting with CSS ideas.
    Version 0.5 will include:
    Parameter changes for most of the roster. Jumpsquats in particular are now 4, 5, or 6 frames (Bowser.) This will allow slightly more precise control over the character as well as making some combos that required frame perfection to be a little more lenient. Weight, run speed, air speed, and walljumps have also been noticeably tweaked on quite a few characters.
    Balance changes throughout the entire roster excluding R.O.B. These changes are intended to add depth to the game by forcing players to rely on different strategies as their opponent’s percent rises. Moves that combo into themselves have been toned down drastically, while gaining a slight boost to damage to compensate. Grabs that combo into aerials no longer guarantee followups into kill percents, though some 50/50s still remain. (Full changelogs will be with each character this weekend)
    Voice changes for the following:
    Lucario (nonmega)- using his Brawl voice
    Cloud- using his KH/Dissidia English voice

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    If you remove your SD card your Wii U will be back to normal, that’s right.

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    Will do. I also have a skype chat if you and whoever else joins is up for it. Might end up having to make a Discord though with how Smash 4 modding works.

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    162868 wrote:

    Here is a site that contains clips for Cloud’s English VA from Dissidia. I don’t know how to make it, but I thought it might be useful to those who know how.

    Just downloaded those files to see what would go well with Smash and I came up with this.
    The general idea is for there to be two Cloud voice packs depending on which one someone would rather use. His personality changes between the two games as he basically shifts alignments. My idea has the spoken clips grouped together by game. (Taunts, Entry, Victories) The others would be universal (attack grunts, hurt sounds) The attacks with no listed quotes would use the normal grunts, though they are listed to place them better in his moveset.
    Universal Clips
    Limit charge activated- “Give me strength!” or “I need this power!” or “Breaking my limits!”
    Blade Beam/Limit Blade Beam- “Go!”
    Cross Slash/Limit Cross Slash final hit- “This ends here!”
    Limit Climhazzard- “You’re gone!”
    Finishing Touch- “This… is it!”
    Jab 3
    Side Tilt
    Up Tilt
    Down Tilt
    Side Smash- There!
    Up Smash-
    Down Smash-
    Using the Dissidia Original Voice pack- Random hurt sfx + generic attack sounds Starting at 2:09.
    Stage Entry- I’m gonna win. Don’t you care?
    Up taunt- “No hard feelings” or “Let’s Go.”
    Down Taunt- “Not interested.” or “That was bad.”
    Omnislash- “This is true strength!” or “The Power of Mako!”
    “You should’ve seen that one coming.”
    “That was a joke.”
    “Not again!”
    “Can’t smile about this one.”
    Edgy Cloud voice pack
    Using the Dissidia 012 Duodecim voice clips
    Stage Entry- “I don’t plan on playing any games.”
    Up taunt- “Ready?” or “You’re kidding me.”
    Down Taunt- “You’re outta luck.” or “What a sour note.”
    Limit activation “Let’s end this.” or “Breaking my limits!” or “Are you ready for this?”
    You need more than ambition.
    Figures. What a pain.
    I won.

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