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    niche hobby robot

    So obviously, anything that severely messes with character movesets, or anything that would cause a desync with the average opponent, even if it doesn’t get me banned it’s gonna disconnect me anyway. (I think friend matches are different if you both have the same hack packages but that’s a bridge I’ll cross later)

    My question is, since music is handled clientside, if I have an expanded music selection in my game via mods, is that going to trip the autoban functions for hacking? What about a rearranged character select screen? It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but given that I mostly play Smash online, it’d be nice to get some actual application out of the mods I’m making for myself besides just making them. I feel like the answer for these, given what I’ve seen, is “yes, these are fine because they aren’t files needed to keep the game in sync or could be used for detrimental, in-game active cheating” but I’d rather be certain.



    I haven’t attempted to use additional music online personally so I don’t know if what I tell you holds any value to you, but I do know that the music selected when playing online is not used to keep the game in sync. Both players often listen to different music even when playing without mods, so I imagine modded music tracks wouldn’t make a difference online. Also, I have played online with added costume slots. The other player simply sees me as using the default costume even though I’m using a nonexistent 9th costume. I’ve not been banned, so I doubt you will be.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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