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    HOW TO USE AND MAKE TEXTURE HACKS (Windows only) (my notes in red)


    (I recommend that you check this post first as it helps you later and sets up needed tools)
    Already followed the previous tutorial on getting mods set up – https://sm4shmods.com/forums/topic/complete-guide-to-set-up-mods-for-wii-u/
    This pack of files – https://mega.nz/#!nlsGnKQI!BVIjeLDL24ZA9FRXmvtcBK75ILvAgyjSo08v615QfVw
    Python 2.7 installedhttps://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-2711/

    (If your having issues with textures working check this video the easyinject file may be broken or you need to make a small change to get the DDS files to load to your model.) https://youtu.be/-_Mw_qx_dJo?t=866

    1) Unzip the pack of files you just downloaded
    2) Put the two folders in the “extra htdocs files” inside C:/xampp/htdocs, like you did with two other folders in the first tutorial
    3) In the “sd card files”, take the “wiiu” folder, and place it on the root of your SD card
    4) Inside the titledumper folder, Shift + Right-click and select “open command window here. (right click the folder not the program)
    5) Type “titledumper /vol \Smash” (without the quotes) into this window.
    6) Titledumper should say “Waiting for WiiU connection”
    7) Make sure XAMPP is running and that you know your internal IP, and put your SD card in your Wii U

    1) Open the Wii U internet browser
    2) Edit one of the bookmarks (don’t edit the other mod bookmarks) to look like this:
    Name: DDDKernel
    Address: http://<your internal ip from earlier>/dddkernel/blarg.php
    3) Edit one of the other bookmarks to look like this:
    Name: DDD
    Address: http://<your internal ip from earlier>/ddd/blarg.php
    4) Tap on the DDDKernel bookmark. The screen will go green like when you run the regular kernel
    5) Wait for the console to kick you to the home menu, and go back into the internet browser
    6) Tap on the DDD bookmark
    7) On the screen that pops up, enter your own internal IP and press X  (USe D-pad to change the IP left and right to switch columns and up or down to change the number)
    8) Boot Smash. The game will hang on the booting splash screen
    9) Check your computer. Within a minute of booting Smash, titledumper should have some activity

    Smash is a very big game (around 16GB) so it’ll take a while to fully dump. I’d recommend doing this overnight. Once Smash is fully dumped, you’re ready to move on to the next step. (There are 1,000,000KB in 1GB it will take time. Make aure your PC isn’t going to shut down and turn off the Wii U  auto power down)


    1) If you downloaded a moveset or sound mod, you don’t need this section
    2) If you donwloaded a texture / model hack that came in a folder called “c” and then two numbers, skip to step 7
    3) If you downloaded a texture / model hack that came in a folder called “cXX”, you can skip to step 6
    4) If you downloaded a texture hack that was just a “model.nut” or just “model.nud”, it should have a slot listed on the download page
    (if there is no slot listed, message the creator of the mod, as you need to know the slot to use the mod)
    Take the slot number they give you
    Put the model.nut in a folder called “cYY”, where YY is the slot minus one
    If the slot minus one is only one digit, add a zero before it
    Skip to step 7
    5) If you downloaded a texture / model hack that was both “model.nut” and “model.nud”, put it in a folder called “cXX”
    (if there’s more than just those two files that’s okay, put those files in the cXX folder too)
    6) Replace the “XX” at the end of your folder’s name with the slot you’d like to replace minus one
    (if, for example, I want to replace Mario’s default texture, slot 1, I’d call the folder “c00”)
    (if, for example, I want to replace Mario’s black and white texture, slot 5, I’d call the folder “c04”)
    7) If your model / texture hack came with CSP portraits, they should be have the slot number at the end of the file name
    (if, for example, I want to replace Mario’s default CSP, slot 1, the files should end with a 1)
    (if, for example, I want to replace Mario’s black and white CSP, slot 5, the files should end with a 5)
    (I’m aware this means the texture itself and the CSP have different numbers, I’m annoyed too)
    7) If, when you play with two different textures, they both show up as the texture in the lower port, you have texture ID problems
    8) If, when you try to use a texture, it’s all red with patches of white, you have texture ID problems
    9) To fix texture ID problems, copy the model.nud and the model.nut into the texidfix folder
    10) Shift + Right-click in this folder and click “open command window here”
    11) Type “TexIDfix2.py model.nud model.nut <texID>” into the command window
    (if, for example, I wanted to set the texID to 14, I’d type “TexIDfix2.py model.nud model.nut 14”)
    (Nintendo set the texture ID to 4 x (slot – 1) so avoid using any of those numbers, and don’t go over 255)

    1) Open Sm4shFileExplorer in the pack you downloaded
    2) When it asks you to select the latest version of the game, go to “Computer” -> “C:/” -> “Smash” (click on vol not smash)
    3) Wait while Sm4shExplorer loads all the files (this can take a long time on the european version)
    4) Open the “data” dropdown, then open the “fighter” dropdown
    5) Open the dropdown of the fighter you’ve downloaded / created a mod for
    6) Open the dropdown in that fighter of the kind of mod you’ve downloaded
    If it’s a texture / model hack, you want the model -> body dropdown
    If it’s a voice hack, you want the sound dropdown
    If it’s a moveset hack, you want the script -> animcmd dropdown
    7) Drag and drop the mod file into the appropriate folder, they’ll go green to indicate that a mod is being loaded
    (for example, drop any mod folders called “c” then two numbers onto the body folder, not the folder with the same name)
    (to remove a mod, right click and select “remove mod files”)
    8) If you have CSP mods, navigate to ui -> append -> chr, and add them there
    (CSP mods go in the folder that matches the start of their name)
    (for example, if I have a CSP mod called “chr_13_Captain_05”, it goes in the “chr_13” folder)
    8) Once you’ve added all of your mods, click “Project -> Build the mod” at the top of Sm4shExplorer
    9) Wait for the mod to be built, and then close Sm4shexplorer
    10) In Sm4shexplorer’s folder, there should be a folder called “export”
    11) Inside the “export” folder, there should be a folder called “release”
    12) Rename the “release” folder to “patch”, and move it to the number folder on your SD card
    (if there’s already a patch folder in there you don’t want to delete, rename it to something else and it will have no effect)

    That’s all you need to know if you just want to compile other people’s mods together. If you want to make your own, read on!

    1) Open Sm4shexplorer, and navigate through to the fighter that you want to texture hack
    2) Pick the skin that you want to modify
    3) Right-click on it and select “Extract”
    4) In Sm4shexplorer’s folder, the should be a folder called “extract”
    5) Navigate through the extract folder until you find your extracted skin’s folder
    6) Copy the “model.nut” from this folder into the “InjectPack” folder in the pack you downloaded
    7) Shift + Right-click inside the InjectPack folder, and select “open command window here”.
    8) In the command window, type “nut_check.py model.nut”
    (if you’re extracting from another nut file, you have to put the name of that file in)
    9) Then run the GTX2DDS bat file
    10) You now have a large amount of DDS files in the OutDDS folder

    Editing the texture files isn’t the easiest thing to do, as they’re saved as DDS files. I’d recommend getting Windows Texture Viewer (http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/windows_texture_viewer.html) first, but it’s not needed. You need a program that can open DDS files to do anything. I used paint.net, but there are also plugins for photoshop, and some AMD command line tools you can use.

    1) Open the texture files with your program of choice until you find the one you want to edit
    (some texture files contain a strange blue/purpleish version of a regular texture, these are the mapping files)
    (as far as I know, RGB are the normals and the alpha channel is the specular mapping, but I’m not 100% sure)
    2) Make whatever changes to the textures that you want, apart from resizing the texture
    3) When saving them / converting them back to DDS, make sure you save them in the correct DDS format
    (DXT1, DXT3, DXT5, A8B8G8R8 are the only ones I’ve seen)
    (you can check which format a DDS file is by opening it with Windows Texture Viewer, the format will be on the bottom left)
    4) You also have to make sure you generate new mipmaps when saving / converting, or the texture will only work up close

    1) Copy all the modified .dds files into the same folder as the model.nut
    (make sure all of the .dds files have the same name as they did originally)
    2) Run the “EasyInject” bat file
    3) Copy the model.nut back into the original skin folder it came from
    4) Add the edited skin folder into Sm4shexplorer using the instructions for downloaded mods

    You’re now done, you’ve made a texture edit! If you want to also edit the CSPs, they’re located in ui -> append -> chr, and they’re all .nut files so they can be edited in mostly the same way. Have fun modding!


    thanks for posting this

    Have Request? Want to support me? Take a look at my patreon then

    juan martinez

    Already loving this site, but would you please make this tutorial for Mac. Also would you please explain to me what is the root of the SD Card? I know I may look stupid asking something that seems simple, but I not very good at computer terminology. Also It would help a lot if you uploaded video tutorials (specially for Mac users because a lot of this things tend to be well hidden in Mac OS “hell”). Sorry if I look pushy but I really want to learn how to mod this game. Thanks in advance.


    you need windows, the root just means there are no folders to navigate through.

    juan martinez

    Oh well this kind of sucks. Does this mean that I can’t change character skins? and if that is the case, could I ask a friend with windows to prepare my wii u and sd card and once he’s done with the dumping and everything else keep installing the skins by myself  with my mac? I got this far in the process and even got the illuminate screen and coffee cup to appear so I don’t want to stop now. Also I would like to know what this “Dumping: term means (I was kind of recklessly doing all this without knowing everything) well thanks a lot I really appreciate this. I know you guys make mods because you love doing this and I don’t want to look disrespectful or pushy. Anyway at least I understand a little bit more and thanks again.


    I have no idea if it would work for a Mac.

    Dumping is downloading all the files off the game to your PC so you can modify them.

    juan martinez

    I have gotten the hack working using a Mac, but I am stumped went trying to change skins because the necessary tools seem to lack. Oh well thank you anyways for all the info I’ll see if I can get a pc or maybe something will eventually turn up has time passes. Thank you very much.


    (check this video the easyinject file may be broken or you need to make a small change to get the DDS files to load to your model.) https://youtu.be/-_Mw_qx_dJo?t=866


    I spent all day trying to figure this out and then saw this video and now My textures are working.

    juan martinez

    Thanks a lot I’ll watch the video carefully and try to get it working.

    phoenix wright

    Is the “sd card files” folder in the texture modding pack supposed to have just a Homebrew Launcher? Because that’s what launches.


    It says, “/vol is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.” Help plz


    I’ve been having this issue for a while now. Whenever I try to do the http://<ip>/dddkernel/blarg.php, I always get an error 112-1028. I have checked my ip address many times and it is Any help?


    2) Put the two folders in the “extra htdocs files” inside C:/xampp/htdocs, like you did with two other folders in the first tutorial

    you are really confusing me here bro, with “the two folders” you mean the folders we just download from

    This pack of files – https://mega.nz/#!nlsGnKQI!BVIjeLDL24ZA9FRXmvtcBK75ILvAgyjSo08v615QfVw%5B/quote%5D

    here, if yes, then there are more than 2, there are 6 folders inside one folder, which one should i put, the folder or the 6 folders?


    cant get past nut_check.py model.nut,  i get IndexError:list index out of range  someone now how to fix?


    So I have followed all of the steps and when I put in my ip and launch smash it just starts up like normally with nothing from title dumper. Help?

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