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    Hi there. My request is kinda a question as the same time, ’cause i don’t know if what i’m requesting is doable : In classic Megaman games, depending of the weapon you’re using, Megaman has a different skin color. I’d know if it’s possible to make that in Smash 4. Each time Megaman performs a move, his color changes in order to correspond to the attack he’s using (unless he already has this color).

    For exemple: Megaman is in his normal skin while he’s performing Pellets (Jab, F-Tilt, N-Air), Slide (D-Tilt) and Mega Buster Charged Shot (F-Smash), but then he jumps and uses F-Air, and boom, he swaps (with maybe a little transition like his “warp animation” in his D-Taunt) to the Sword Man’s color while using Flame Sword. Then, if Megaman uses anything but F-Air, he will again change his color.

    The objective is to make that for each move of the Blue Bomber, but as i said, i don’t know if it’s possible.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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