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    Basically, I’ve tried a few times now to create skins for the Koopalings, but my computer just plain doesn’t want to run EasyInject correctly and basically just does nothing every time I try to run it. Followed multiple tutorials on the subject to the letter, it just in my case for whatever reason will not work.

    But I had ideas and I have an inclination to try to, at some point down the line, get it so Junior and each of the Koopalings all have a full set of eight skins. Lofty project to be sure, but something I personally just want to see done at some point.

    To that end, done some semi-rushed mock-ups on some color ideas I have for Ludwig and Larry to kind of show off some of what kind of thing I’m thinking and try and see if I can’t get somebody on board to help out with brainstorming on and making these things, and handle the legwork until either my computer starts cooperating on this or I figure out what if anything I’m doing wrong. As said are kind of rushed, so at a point I just kind of stopped doing the clown car colors for the time being since in mock-up form it’s pretty hard to do, and didn’t really worry so much about some minor details – just wanted these recolored enough to convey the point.

    I do have some ideas in place on the others and might do some of those this evening, but for now, here are some sets for Ludwig and Larry, as well as what I’m referencing with each of them –

    1), Super Mario Bros. 3, 2), Super Mario World, 3), Dry Bowser, 4), Madame Flurry, 5), Jynx, 6), a popular OC at an old Mario fan-site, 7), Midna.

    1), Super Mario Bros. 3, 2), Dry Bowser, 3), Turnip, 4), Popple, 5), SMB3 cartoon, 6), Vivian, 7), Rex.

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