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    I have a bunch of character mods and some stage and UI/CSS ones. Music and everything works fine… See, first off I wanted to try out the original Bayonetta voice I downloaded. And I also had the Shadow/Darkspine for Sonic with his Brawl voice, and some other stuff for ZSS, with the respective mod’s menu portrait. The portraits didn’t appear to change at all. No big deal, right? So then I went on and chose Bayonetta and Sonic with his Shadow slot. Stage selection loads. No Meta Crystal portrait either… Okay, I’ll handle the UI folder later. I choose (unmodded) Smashville. Match never loads, just the little logo circling for minutes. I decide to take out the SD card just to see what happens. Immediately after I take out the SD card, the match starts. The music mod worked, and Bayo’s modded voice works. Shadow did not. It was just Sonic, with his sm4sh voice. And it keeps happening with every character and stage, regardless if that character/stage was modded or untouched.


    What is causing this? And what is causing the game to not give a shit about the UI changes?  tried to explain this with as much detail as possible. Yes, I did it using Sm4shexplorer like all the guides told me. Thanks in advance!


    Are you sure you installed the files right?

    If so, the files you used might be corrupted.


    Also, please before posting, read into the forum, the same question has been awnsered here. Thanks.


    it means that one file is not correct installed

    try to install mods one by one and then you see which mod is the problem

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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