"GUH-ROOVY!" GroovyGuy Hustles His Way In!

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    Hello, everyone.

    I didn’t see a standardized “Introduce Yourself” topic in this place, so I just made my own topic. Should any topic already exist, please redirect me to it.

    Anyhoo, My name is James. I haven’t gotten into The Smash 4 Hacking Scene just yet, but I probably will after my two-week vacation in Aruba. Even then, I’ll probably just be download stuff since I tried my hand at this sort of thing with Brawl, and was god-awful at it…

    As you can tell, I am a huge, HUGE fan of Earthworm Jim. Back when the Smash Ballot was a thing, all my votes were going for him (as well as King K. Rool, on occasion). If anyone makes a mod of Jim for this game, I would be EXTREMELY greatful!

    Sooooo…that’s all I have to say, really. See ya ’round!

    "OF COURSE! Evil Twins and Superheroes Go Together Like Peanut Butter and.....Evil Peanut Butter."

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