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    to change the stage selection screen pictures and icons in sm4shexplorer go to data/ui/replace/stage, extract the stage folder. these files you extracted are all of the stage icons

    the dlc stages are in a data/ui/append/stage.

    Stage_10- i dont know qq (maybe smash tour)

    Stage_11-bigger picture on the left of sss (when you are hovering over a stage)

    Stage_12-stage icon during replays

    Stage_13- small SSS icon on left of select screen

    Stage_30 the stage icon during classic mode (the hexagon the figures are on)

    Stagel_10- logo of the stage

    Stagen_10- stage name

    The most important files are the ones in Stage_13 and Stage_11 because those are the only ones seen in a normal smash battle

    sorry i wrote his really quickly, if you have any questions just reply to this post or pm me on gamebanana (01-Green) thats the best place to contact me for mods.

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