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    Earthworm Jim, I’m not gonna lie, would be very difficult to pull over. But even if it’s just for now, until the whole moveset modding thing becomes possible, could someone put him over a firearm user like Fox,¬†Falco, Zero Suit Samus or even Bayonetta? Back in the Brawl Hacking days, the only character he was put over was Captain Falcon, and it bothered me that I was controling a Jim who falcon punched people rather than use his Plasma Blaster…

    Supersuit Model (No Head, Sadly)

    Blaster Model

    Once making full-fledged movesets for new characters are a possible thing, I’ll update this post with a moveset I think would fit Jim’s crazed nature.

    "OF COURSE! Evil Twins and Superheroes Go Together Like Peanut Butter and.....Evil Peanut Butter."

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