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    For those having trouble with good looking and clean cosmetics such as CSP, RSP, BP or Stock icons should do the following for the best precise images.

    For images from smash wii u, go to the Spriters Resource website, (Will provide a link below) and download the 4 folders for Smash Wii U that contain the following.

    • Character Select Portraits
    • Result Screen Portraits
    • Battle Portraits
    • Stock Icons

    Once you do that, edit the images to your liking.

    Any other images just download and make sure there is NOT a background in the image.

    When you have your .dds file open, drag and drop your portrait over the the existing .dds. You MUST keep the black background for CSPs and RSPs or you will have horribly rendered images ingame. Fix, scale, recolor to your liking. When done save your .dds file. Format extensions below.

    Format 0 and 1 – DXT1_ARGB or DXT5_ARGB

    Format 2 – DXT3_ARGB (I use DXt5_ARGB for format 2)

    Format 14 – ABGR_8888

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