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    I feel like using jam1garner easy css editor for this is a much simplier and faster way of doing this.

    The HarDe OneThe HarDe One
    163387 wrote:

    I feel like using jam1garner easy css editor for this is a much simplier and faster way of doing this.

    Yes, now that that exists it’s far easier to modify the number of costume slots as well as the positions of characters on the CSS and the default rule set. A GUI built with the knowledge gleamed from much experimenting with the Parameters. For anyone reading this having issues with Parameters, search for jam1garner and GBATemp to get his GUI. (Python 2.7 required to use it)


    What exactly are the requirements for me to do when adding another slot to a character like Corrin?
    Another female Corrin slot, what would I have to do for the things like the dragon hand file, the spear hand file, the water dragon file, and the voice?
    EDIT: Also, you said to change the “chr_13_character_xx.nut” file to be one above the last value so it would be like “chr_13_kamui_09.nut” but in game after adding that file along with c08 files of the extra corrin slot (tested to see if slot shows up, big surprise it didn’t work) the text for Corrin’s name after winning the match is Bayonetta and his result screen portrait are the Bayonetta palettes. What do I need to do to fix this problem?


    Probably your looking in the wrong folder. When you extract files they are in sm4shexplorer\extract


    (Name 6 is the Character ID and Name 7 is the Costume Count)

    Spoiler: <input type=”button” value=”Show” />

    In Name 6 edit and put in the Number of costumes you would like to have
    (for now lets add one Costume so ill put in 9)

    You mean… put in the number of costumes I would like in Name 7, right? Because Name 6 is the ID? Or does the number need to go in Name 6…?

    Lana Davic

    Cool tutorial, but take a look at the site here! It’s fantastic! 


    When I open ui_category_db.bin with paramters, it only shows this:
    Group 1
    Entry 0
    Entry 1
    Entry 2
    Entry 3
    Entry 4
    Entry 5
    Entry 6
    Entry 7
    and so on until 11, so I don’t understand why it doesn’t resemble yours. Can you please help?

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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