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Well I haven’t really been around here in about two weeks. I’ve finished with all 55? of the characters, with everyone receiving some sort of changes except for R.O.B who I really think is one of the best balanced characters, even if he is annoying. I plan on releasing Unify Version 0.5 sometime this weekend. Still experimenting with CSS ideas.

Version 0.5 will include:
Parameter changes for most of the roster. Jumpsquats in particular are now 4, 5, or 6 frames (Bowser.) This will allow slightly more precise control over the character as well as making some combos that required frame perfection to be a little more lenient. Weight, run speed, air speed, and walljumps have also been noticeably tweaked on quite a few characters.

Balance changes throughout the entire roster excluding R.O.B. These changes are intended to add depth to the game by forcing players to rely on different strategies as their opponent’s percent rises. Moves that combo into themselves have been toned down drastically, while gaining a slight boost to damage to compensate. Grabs that combo into aerials no longer guarantee followups into kill percents, though some 50/50s still remain. (Full changelogs will be with each character this weekend)

Voice changes for the following:
Lucario (nonmega)- using his Brawl voice
Cloud- using his KH/Dissidia English voice

I am the Dusk Wind.