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New here obviously, looking for a few general answers. So in order to run mods on the wii u you must have them on an SD card correct? If you remove the SD card does that revert your wii u back to stock? ex. Want to test some textures so I load the SD card, then later can I remove it so I can play games online? And lastly I have done a lot of modding for other games and was wondering if anyone has a link to all of the character .dds files so I can do some photoshop work on them and make new textures? sorry for all the questions and thanks for the replies.

Yes removing your SD card ,reverts it back.

For you .dds files, you get those your self, by extracting them from the model.nut. You can do all the modifying you want after that. As for .png of most of the game textures, you have the model resource and spriters resource for that.