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Howdy all, I don’t enjoy running for help when people are hard at work innovating new modification avenues, but I seem to be left without any further recourse to solve the issue I’m faced with.
Even when I attempted to do the original use of SDCafiine all the “Ip address”/kernel/blarg .php urls had left me with an error screen on the wii u pad. I eventually got that all working when I went to a sort of gateway site that had the necessary commands programmed in already and selectable from a dropdown box.

I’m now finding myself similarly stonewalled attempting to use the DDDkernel and DDD urls despite doing the whole Ipconfig process to ensure my IP address is correct.
I have the titledumper program keyed in correctly and all the SD files in the right places, so I’m at a loss as for how to relieve the problem.

for reference: the error code the Wii u internet page shows me is 112-1028 for every “blarg.php” I’ve tried

if anyone could point me in the right direction I’d most appreciative and thank you all in advance.
[and shoutouts to Mastaklo for the neat site]

[Edit] Well I figured out my own way around the web page errors, but now I seem to be stuck with Titledumper not making any connection with the Wii U since it still boots the game without any interaction on the command prompt. I’m 100% certain I have the IP address perfectly input based on what IPv4 shows in IPconfig, so I’m not certain as to why it’s not communicating.
And for those curious I overcame the web page problem by getting a more direct download of DDD onto my SD card and booted it from the HBL.
Am I missing out on this since I can’t access the DDDKernel URL? That’s the only link in  the chain I’ve missed up to this point.

Nevermind, I fixed it on my own 🙂
Lookin forward to sharing mods with everyone.