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Here is a site that contains clips for Cloud’s English VA from Dissidia. I don’t know how to make it, but I thought it might be useful to those who know how.

Just downloaded those files to see what would go well with Smash and I came up with this.

The general idea is for there to be two Cloud voice packs depending on which one someone would rather use. His personality changes between the two games as he basically shifts alignments. My idea has the spoken clips grouped together by game. (Taunts, Entry, Victories) The others would be universal (attack grunts, hurt sounds) The attacks with no listed quotes would use the normal grunts, though they are listed to place them better in his moveset.

Universal Clips

Limit charge activated- “Give me strength!” or “I need this power!” or “Breaking my limits!”
Blade Beam/Limit Blade Beam- “Go!”
Cross Slash/Limit Cross Slash final hit- “This ends here!”
Limit Climhazzard- “You’re gone!”
Finishing Touch- “This… is it!”

Jab 3

Side Tilt
Up Tilt
Down Tilt

Side Smash- There!
Up Smash-
Down Smash-


Using the Dissidia Original Voice pack- Random hurt sfx + generic attack sounds Starting at 2:09.

Stage Entry- I’m gonna win. Don’t you care?

Up taunt- “No hard feelings” or “Let’s Go.”
Down Taunt- “Not interested.” or “That was bad.”

Omnislash- “This is true strength!” or “The Power of Mako!”

“You should’ve seen that one coming.”
“That was a joke.”
“Not again!”
“Can’t smile about this one.”

Edgy Cloud voice pack
Using the Dissidia 012 Duodecim voice clips

Stage Entry- “I don’t plan on playing any games.”

Up taunt- “Ready?” or “You’re kidding me.”
Down Taunt- “You’re outta luck.” or “What a sour note.”

Limit activation “Let’s end this.” or “Breaking my limits!” or “Are you ready for this?”

You need more than ambition.
Figures. What a pain.
I won.

I am the Dusk Wind.