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The HarDe OneThe HarDe One

I figured it out! I was having the same issue, it wasn’t doing anything to the files. My answer was to remove “python” from the command line in “TexIDFix.bat” that tells “” to change the well… Texture ID. After trying both with the bat and just using ZCMD and inputting the command myself I can confirm that this was the problem, at least for me as I’m on Windows 10. It’s possible the “python” part is required for other OSs but those like me and pinguijose that see model.nut and model.nud aren’t even being modified should give this method a try.

EDIT: For those wondering, to use ZCMD (or right click the folder with and the model files while holding shift) the command is “ model.nut model.nud X” where “X” is the number you want the new texture ID to be.