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How to fix TexID issues: What you need: Sm4sh injector pack My TexIDFix .bat If you have a mod which is based on the first costume and you put in in another slot or a complete new slot you can run in some problems so for example you got a texture mod in a new costume slot and you select it then you select the enemy as the first costume the result would be that both would have the same texture in fight thats because it uses the same Texture ID heres how you fix this 1. put your model.nut and model.nud you want to change the TexID in the same folder as the Texture Injector (make sure you have the latest update) 2. put my TexIDFix.bat in the same folder and run it 3. follow the instructions on screen and put in a new TexID (i usually use the same ID as the csp Number. So i added a new costume it would be 9)

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4. insert your new model.nut and model.nud with Sm4shexplorer and test it

Dosnt seems to work for me, are you sure you arent skipping any step? like injecting a texture in order to modify the .nut file, ore chanching the directory on your .bat fiel or the file? because after executing your .bat file the .nut and .nud files didnt get modified (I know this because I have the view on the folder from the latest modified)