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The HarDe OneThe HarDe One

For those having issues with the extra slots not actually becoming available: when editing Name 7 in Parameter Editor you have to change its focus BEFORE you save the file.

What I mean is the new value you’re creating won’t even be written in until it knows you’re done with it. So after changing Name 7 for 9 or 12 or 16, however many costume slots you want that character to have, click something else in Parameter Editor. Click on a different name in that group, click on Group[1], open a different entry, ANYTHING that takes the cursor out of Name 7 so the new value will written in.

To ensure the new value has indeed been written in, double-click a different Entry, doesn’t matter which, then double-click the Entry you were in before. The change you made should still be there. This means you’ve done it correctly and clicking File -> Save will now successfully save your changes so you can inject your now-modified “ui_character_db.bin” with Sm4shExplorer.

I hope I’ve explained this thoroughly enough, but I can post pics of what I mean if it’s really needed. I had this issue too, this was how I figured it now. No more issue. Now I can have 8 Sonics and 8 Shadows! I have no regrets.

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